Industry Info


  • Inspect packages - take photos of both packaging and contents.
  • Construct a formal claim letter on company letterhead, stating your intent to file a claim and the air bill #. Describe in detail the damage and/or loss and provide an estimate of the repair or replacement costs.
  • Further to protect your rights under your insurance:
    • Promptly notify Ocean Air via email or phone that damage or loss has occurred.
    • Send the formal claim letter, along with supporting documentation - which includes a signed off delivery receipt and supporting pictures to Ocean Air.

In addition, the following may be required by the Insurance Underwriters to process the claim:

  • Copies of all Bills of Lading covering the entire shipment, including paid freight bills.
  • Certified copy of shipper's commercial invoice(s) covering the entire shipment insured.
  • Copy of packing list(s).
  • Duty Consumption Entry Report bearing Entry Number, also, executed Customs Form No. 5931.(only required on non-deliveries and shortages)
  • Copies of all delivery receipts with proper exceptions in respect of loss or damage noted thereon, as well as any other exceptions or bad order slips and carrier inspection reports which may substantiate loss or damage.
  • With regard to non-delivery claims: written confirmation by the carrier involved attesting to their inability to make delivery.
  • Assured's statement of claim.
  • Repair bills
  • Any correspondence or other reports or information relevant to the transit, loss, damage or coverage.
  • Original of survey report if it has not been sent directly to Underwriters by surveyor.
  • Original and duplicate of Special Cargo Policy or Certificate of Insurance if issued, properly endorsed by the payee. In case of import shipments not covered by a Special Cargo policy or Certificate of Insurance, identify the Declaration or Monthly Report under which the shipment has been declared to Underwriters.

**The foregoing will normally suffice, but circumstances may require additional information or special action. In order to fully protect your rights, always act promptly and prudently to preserve and safeguard your shipment.