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Billing errors - uncaptured service failure credits, rate overcharges - represent as much as four to eight percent of the charges on most companies’ statements.* In some cases, variances (the amount on an invoice versus your actual tariff) can run as high as 30 percent on a single shipment.

Few companies can commit the necessary resources to audit invoices. Left unchallenged, these billing errors have a definite impact on your company’s bottom line.

Today, Ocean Air Transportations’ computerized freight invoice audit system offers you the opportunity to reduce your current transportation expenses by catching billing discrepancies before—and even after— you pay them. Our proprietary software system captures pertinent information from your shippers’ invoices and analyzes it for accountability.

Ocean Air is your first step to reducing current transportation expenses. We will:

  • Identify errors
  • Hold shipping vendors accountable
  • Streamline the process of choosing a shipping company
  • File an over charge claim on your behalf
  • Take the guesswork out of selecting an airfreight company

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